The 99 names of God by Chickpea Press is a great learning resource for everyone. Children and adults can enjoy studying the names of God whilst engaging with the activities on each page.

My task was to produce the names of God in a readable format whilst retaining style and aesthetics. I used the Naskh style, which is very common in literature, to script all of the names. The challenge was to maintain consistency and quality. I managed to achieve this by structuring the work back to back across 10 days. Each day would see me complete at least 10 names, so by the 11th day I was ready to digitally format them.

By taking this project in smaller chunks, I was able to work comfortably and the quality was consistent throughout.

All the calligraphy in The 99 Names of God has been specially commissioned from the talented artist and calligrapher, Azim Rehmat Din. We are thrilled with Azim’s work on The 99 Names of God book. He tailored his calligraphy style according to our needs; clean and accessible for younger readers, while retaining a unique flourish all his own!

His professionalism and dedication to the job were superb and he went the extra mile to produce the artwork in multiple formats to assist our publishing project. We will be using Azim’s calligraphy on various projects at Chickpea Press and we look forward to working with him again on future projects. -Saimma Dyer of Chickpea Press

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