Dome Masjid Khazra

The first of its kind in Scotland.

As challenging as you can imagine. Amidst the global pandemic, I had to muster the wit to complete this project with a pencil and a piece of string, literally.

The dome was commissioned in 2019 and completed in 2020, amidst other extensive renovations inside Khazra Mosque in Glasgow. It was the "final piece of the puzzle" as they said. I laid the final brush stroke, the final gold leaf, the last last touch up... the last "it will do"... the very final "It's good enough" … on the 23rd of August. I forced myself to leave it and go home. Time to celebrate my accomplishment with family and friend, share pictures on social media, get likes, comments, and eventually take people to see it.

I was commissioned by Masjid Al-Khazra in Glasgow to paint an internal dome, measuring 3 meters in diameter. It was in January 2019 I was approached and since then up until May 2020 I was planning this project. The dome is composed of a bespoke Arabic calligraphy and geometric design in the centre. It is held together with colours themed around the newly decorated and renovated hall.

The geometric design was designed based around the octagon patterns which can be seen on the carpets and walls of the hall. The outer calligraphy reads the Ayat-ul-kursi, a verse from the Quran (2:255) and the inner circle contains 20 of the names of God in Islamic tradition. The whole project took almost 3 months with work commencing in May and ending on the 16th of August 2020.