30x30cm Personalised Name

£200.00 £150.00

A beautiful gift to give someone.
You can have this item personalised with any name (1 or 2 names).
Frame only for illustrative purposes, not included unless specificed

Size: 30x30cm
Ink (Colour can be red, brown, blue, or black)
23.5ct Gold leaf border
23.5ct Gold leaf ornamental
Ahar paper
Mounted flat on board to create a sturdy artwork

Turn-around 1 week.
Please specify the name to be written in the order notes whilst placing your order, or email with this information. A design will be sent to you, minimum 2 variations to choose from. The names will be written in Thuluth, but if you want to have another style used please specify this. Once you are happy with the design, the final artwork will be sent to you by post. A frame can be included with an additional cost, please mention if you would like to have the artwork framed.