My Services

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Logo Design

Starting at £300

My logo design service includes unique logo design based on a specified brief. It can be Arabic or English themed and include Arabic calligraphy. Final files supplied are in vector format for printing and online use. The actual cost of the logo will be finalised beforehand and is dependent on the project brief.

Bespoke Calligraphy

I can create custom calligraphy work with Ink on paper or paintings. Cost of commissions are always bespoke and based on the specification.

Average prices based on size:

A3 – Starting at £200
A2 – Starting at £400
A1 – Starting at £600
Actually cost of commissions has to be determined based on specification.

Things which influence cost:


The actual size of the final work

Amount of calligraphy

Creating bespoke circle compositions (a composition is different from writing the calligraphy in one line) Use of gold leaf over traditional ink (gold is slower to work with than ink so the cost is effected)


The price of real gold leaf also influences the cost.


Traditional ink work on paper is typically more costly than canvas or board painting. Due to the nature and time spent on the work.