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Graphic Design, Branding, Web Development

I’ve been practicing as a graphic designer since my early teens. Now, I focus on branding, creating logos and websites mainly for startup businesses. Branding and typography are two of my passions. Most of my work is bespoke, and custom made for the client.
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Arabic Calligraphy, Commission art, Events, Workshops, Exhibition

My journey with Arabic calligraphy has been a great experience so far. It has required me to study lots and grow as an artist. Nowadays I spend most of my time making the art that I want, trying out different styles and new ideas.
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Whitaker Museum Exhibition

My work was displayed for a month in the Whitaker Museum, mid 2017. The exhibition consisted of 4 pieces of art, including my largest ever: an A1 sized gold leaf painting proclaiming “My Lord, increase me in knowledge.” This was all part of the On Paper Festival.

During the second week of this festival, I visited Haslingden to run 2 calligraphy workshops. I was met with a variety of students, all very keen to learn calligraphy.

  • Dear Azim.
    It was amazing to have you visit our humble surroundings and providing such insight! Love to have you visit again.

    -Arry, of Apna Rosendale

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Past Events & Workshops

I’ve traveled round the UK to perform live calligraphy and teach beginners workshops. In April 2016, I visited Al-Noor School in Aberdeen to introduce a group of kids to Arabic calligraphy. Then, a year later, I re-visited them with a better and more refined course.

These workshops have always generated a lot of interest and have been the highlight of many larger events. Due to my eagerness to study calligraphy under the instruction from a master, I am not currently teaching workshops or classes. However, if you are interested in having calligraphy lessons taught, I can advise you on other calligraphers in the UK who would be willing to assist.
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  • Just want to give a big shout out to Azim Rehmat Din for hosting a great Calligraphy class in Edinburgh. As the class was small he was able to give a lot of attention to everyone. We went into great detail which makes a big difference.

    -Imran Iqbal, Workshop Student

  • Working with Azim was a wonderful experience. Even though I had a clear idea of what I wanted my logo to represent, Azim contributed to the collaborative process immensely with new fresh ideas. At the end we had a well balanced, meaningful logo that will be identifiable to our future customers.

    -Kelvin Smart of Elixir Sport

  • I have always been interested in calligraphy but wasn’t able to find suitable classes. This was my first and it was a really great session! Thankyou very much!

    -Rahima, Workshop Student

  • A really enjoyable workshop that shed light on something I’ve been fascinated by for a long time. Thank you!

    -Yasmine, Workshop Student

99 Names

The 99 names of God by Chickpea Press is a great learning resource for everyone. Children and adults can enjoy studying the names of God whilst engaging with the activities on each page.

I designed all of the names featured in the book and am thrilled to be part of such a unique publication.

We are thrilled with Azim’s work on the 99 Names of God book. He tailored his calligraphy style according to our needs; clean and accessible for younger readers, while retaining a unique flourish all his own! -Saimma Dyer of Chickpea Press


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