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Azim can is available to consult for any interior design project that requires Arabic calligraphy, illustration, bespoke artwork and geometric design.

Azim is a professional designer and practitioner of Arabic calligraphy, originating from Edinburgh. He has a background in art & design, and has been studying calligraphy since 2012. Now he works daily as a graphic designer, contributes to large scale design projects and teaches calligraphy workshops. The largest project he has contributed towards is completing a dome in a Glasgow based mosque. The dome was finished in 2020 and contains a mix of bespoke Arabic calligraphy, geometric design and ornamental patterns.


Masjid Khazra Dome Project 2020

The biggest project I’ve undertaken

I was commissioned by Masjid Al-Khazra in Glasgow to paint an internal dome, measuring 3 meters in diameter.
It was in January 2019 I was approached and since then up until May 2020 I was planning this project…

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Latest Projects


Basmallah Tugra

99 Names of God

Basmallah Muhaqqaq

Sami Effendi


Muhammad Eesa

He is Allah

Turn your face


The 99 Names Of God

The 99 names of God by Chickpea Press is a great learning resource for everyone. Children and adults can enjoy studying the names of God whilst engaging with the activities on each page.

I designed all of the names featured in the book and am thrilled to be part of such a unique publication.

We are thrilled with Azim’s work on the 99 Names of God book. He tailored his calligraphy style according to our needs; clean and accessible for younger readers, while retaining a unique flourish all his own! -Saimma Dyer of Chickpea Press

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Past Events & Workshops

I’ve traveled round the UK to perform live calligraphy and teach beginners workshops. In April 2016, I visited Al-Noor School in Aberdeen to introduce a group of kids to Arabic calligraphy. Then, a year later, I re-visited them with a better and more refined course.

These workshops have always generated a lot of interest and have been the highlight of many larger events. If you are interested to hire me for an event or festival, please get in touch.


Just want to give a big shout out to Azim Rehmat Din for hosting a great Calligraphy class in Edinburgh. As the class was small he was able to give a lot of attention to everyone. We went into great detail which makes a big difference.

Imran IqbalWorkshop Student

I have always been interested in calligraphy but wasn’t able to find suitable classes. This was my first and it was a really great session! Thankyou very much!

RahimaWorkshop Student

A really enjoyable workshop that shed light on something I’ve been fascinated by for a long time. Thank you!

YasmineWorkshop Student
September 17, 2017 in events

Whitaker Museum

My work was displayed for a month in the Whitaker Museum, mid 2017. The exhibition consisted of 4 pieces of art, including my largest ever: an A1 sized gold leaf…
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September 9, 2017 in events

Arab Festival

I took part in the first ever Edinburgh Arab Festival on the 28-29th of August 2015. It was a truly inspiring experience which saw me side by side with some…
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September 9, 2017 in events

Aberdeen Mosque Workshop 2017

This was my second Calligraphy Workshop in Aberdeen. Last year I was invited by Al-Noor School to work with a group of kids and introduce them to Calligraphy. This year,…
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August 30, 2017 in travel


I just came back from Istanbul. There’s lots to share and talk about, regarding my experience and of course the amazing Calligraphy I saw. It’s a beautiful city with a…
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